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Lunch Menu
11am – 2pm Tuesday through Saturday
Check Calendar for Schedule Changes All prices are subject to change without notice.

Bar Menu
Beginning at 2pm. Wednesday through Saturday
Check Calendar for Schedule Changes All prices are subject to change without notice.

Take a chance...

Ticket cost… 1 for $1, 7 for $5.00, 14 for $10

Tickets can be purchased by any Elk member, spouse or widow, in good standing. A valid Elks membership card will be required to purchase tickets and will be required prior to payout of any winnings.

Tickets may be purchased from the bartender or from designated Fund Committee members.

A new, standard 52 card deck, plus two jokers, for a total of 54 cards will be used.
Cards will be kept inside a locked case that will be displayed in the lodge.

The card case will be secured with two locks and the two keys will be held by two different Lodge Committee

Members. An alternate will be designated in the event that one of the primary key holders cannot be present at the drawing.

Each ticket purchased must have the name & the member’s telephone number & card # to picked, if the person is not present.

Tickets sales will stop at 5:50 PM on the drawing afternoon and the drawing will be at 6p.m. every Saturday.

Payouts are as follows:

Any Card = $10.00
Any Queen (other than Hearts) = $75.00
Joker = $50.00
Queen of Hearts = Posted Jackpot

If present, you win 100%
If not present, you win 50% ($5.00 for any card, $37.50 for Queen,$25 for joker, 50% of posted jackpot for Queen of Hearts)
If ticket is not filled out completely, ticket is discarded.

Jackpot winner will be paid, by check, the following Workday, in full.

There will be one ticket drawn each week. The remaining tickets will be discarded after each drawing each week and the game will continue the next week with the remaining cards and new tickets.

The corporation will retain fifty percent (50%) of each weekly coupon ticket sales. Fifty percent (50%) of each weekly sale will go to the progressively increasing Jackpot.

The pay out Jackpot will be posted by the card case before drawing.
When the Queen of Hearts is pulled the game is over. Cards in the box will be discarded and a new set of cards will be placed in the case by a minimum of two committee members.

Wings & Rings & Other Things

Available Sunday and Tuesday from 2-5pm (when applicable)