Volunteers are essential to the success of



Will you volunteer your time at our Lodge?

Once a week?  Once a month?  Once a quarter?  Once a year?

​Please let us know which of the following activities you would like to help out with:

The Lodge Herd:

           *   Lodge meetings / initiations / orientations

           *   Lodge officer

           *   Corporate Board of Directors

           *   Director on Duty

Game nights & Activities Herd

          *   50/50

          *   Show Me The Money

          *   Queen of Hearts

          *   Bingo

          *   Music / Entertainment management

Veterans Services Herd

         *    Veteran's Parade

         *    Lunch with a Veteran

         *    Visiting Jacobsen Veteran's Home

Food & Beverage Services Herd

         *    Our famous Monday Night Chicken

         *    Sunday's Picnic on the River

         *    Sunday Morning P.E.R. Breakfast

         *    Sally Jones 4th Grader Drug Awareness Picnic

         *    Lobster Fest


Special Events Herd

         *   Hoop Shoot & Soccer Shoot

         *   Fishing Day Derby

         *   Big Band Weekend

Behind the Scenes, Grounds & Building Maintenance Herd

         *   S.W.A.T. - Seeds, Weeds & Trash

         *   Painting, electrical and plumbing

         *   General Construction & other building trades

         *   Event set-up and Event parking

Dear Elks Members, 

We are trying to re-establish BAR POKER at the Lodge.

It is played on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm.


If we can get enough volunteers, your commitment would be ONE Thursday per month.

Four (4) volunteers are needed per session.

Positions per session are:

     1 Banker

     1 Chip Seller/Chip Counter

     1 Money/Chip Collector (This position requires a lot of walking)

     1 Dealer (This position requires a lot of walking)

This is an Elk's fundraiser and all proceeds go to help us meet our fundraising goals for charitable contributions such as Parade of Heroes, Army of Hope and Children's Therapy Services.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at the e-mail address below with your name, phone number and e-mail address.

Thank you-

Susan Bower

Gaming Entertainment Chairperson


Now is the hour when Elkdom's tower 

Is darkened by the shroud of night,

And father time on his silver chime,

Tolls off each moment's flight ...

In cloistered halls each Elk recalls

His Brothers where'er they be,

And traces their faces to well-known places

In the annals of memory ...

Whether they stand on foreign land

Or lie in an earthen bed,

Whether they be on the boundless sea

With breakers of death ahead ...

Whate'er their plight on this eerie night

Whate'er their face may be

Where ever they are be it near or far

They are thinking of you and me ...

So drink from the fountain of fellowship

To the Brother who clasped your hand

And wrote your worth in the rock of earth

And your faults upon the sand ...

Join the Heard

Volunteer Today!

​See you at the Lodge ...

Phone: (941) 637-2606