Secretary & Membership Office Hours:

MONDAY - THURSDAY:   9am-2pm

FRIDAY:   9am-12noon

Management Office:

​MONDAY thru FRIDAY:   9am-3pm

Monday appointments only 

Come celebrate

St. Patrick's Day

With us

Friday, March 17th

Green Beer 

Pints of Guinness


Come have a pint of

the black stuff and

talk a ton of Blarney!

Pay Your Dues:

Regular Dues $105.00
Life Dues $68.50

Donate $10 to Harry-Anna Trust (Florida)
Donate $10 to Elks National Foundation (ENF)
Donate $10 to the Lodge Building Fund

Lodge Hours of Operation

Monday:  12 - 10pm   Chicken Night 4:30 - 6;30PM

Tuesday:  12 - 9 pm                       Food:  12-3pm

Wednesday:  11 - 10pm                 Food:  11-7pm

Thursday:  12 - 10pm                     Food:  12-7pm

Friday:  12 - 10pm                           Food:  12-8pm

Saturday: 12 - 10pm                       Food:  12-8pm

Sunday: 12 - 7pm                           TBA Weekly

To Donate to Our Lodge Rebuilding Fund

Please Click on the Form Below.

​Thank You For Your Generosity.

Phone: (941) 637-2606